Find Out What Happens When an Expert on the Public Domain Goes TOO FAR and Gives Out Step-by-Step Trade Secrets That Had Been Reserved for the Marketing Elite!

And How You Can Snag These Over-the-Top Sessions for Yourself!

From the Desk of Tony Laidig

Hey Information Product Professional...

I recently learned a very hard lesson about myself and my marketing business, and the experience cost me dearly. I thought I was being clever and cool, when in reality, I nearly put myself out of business! What was this hard lesson I learned?

I talk too much...!
(Of course, my wife could have told you that!)

During a 2-part teleseminar I recently participated in, I got extremely caught-up in the moment and literally brain-dumped my knowledge of the Public Domain over the course of nearly 4-hours. These were insights and strategies I've used for years and don't always talk about. I even "accidently" gave out the name of one of the Public Domain magazines I've been buying on eBay, and now, I can't even win a flipping auction for that magazine. I wanted to over-deliver because I LIKE to do that...YOU DESERVE IT...but I think I got a bit too carried away, and now it's history...IT'S DONE and there's nothing I can do about it but make the best of it.

"You are responsible for depriving me of sleep last night. I listened to the replay of your public domain call late last night. The amount of content you gave was unbelievable and the quality world class. I listen to many great calls but you beat the lot…Keep up the great work."

"The teleseminar was absolutely brilliant. I had to listen to it three times (so far) to get all the information. This was one of the best most informative teleseminars I have listened to for a long time. Keep up the great work you are an inspiration to me."

So in an effort to maximize my lesson, I decided to have the calls transcribed and put the text together with the MP3 recordings to create a very special opportunity for you. I figured that since the content was so amazing, you might as well benefit from it! I might be committing marketing suicide by doing this, but that's okay. If the end result of my full disclosure is that you FINALLY get products online and selling, then I'll be happy.

"The amount of material that you provided in your teleseminar last night was amazing! I have several pages of notes, just from listening to the live call."

"I listened to the whole seminar and yours was the best seminar with the most information that I have ever attended, and I have attended many."

"I listened in to the seminar last night. Wow, what a great almost 2 hours. Definitely the best seminar I've attended. Thanks for the great ideas and all the priceless information."

So what exactly did I share? Well, in slang terms, I guess you could say I gave away the farm! Here are some of the questions I answered in great detail:

What is the best way to start a business using public domain materials?

How much re-purposing can you do with a public domain item, considering that others have gotten there before you?

How do I truly determine that something is in the public domain.

What is the best way to convert non online copy - books, magazines etc into format such as Word or PDF

Is everything produced by and accessible on Government websites available to be used as Public Domain material or are there some restrictions?

"We were able to join the replay of your fantastic teleseminar. The ten questions you answered were loaded with valuable information. It certainly was the best, most informative teleseminar that we have ever attended, and we thought the one in which Jim Edwards interviewed you was pretty solid. You really unloaded all or maybe most of your secrets to the giant Pandora’s box of public domain."

If I use several public domain books as content for a new book that I create (with a bunch of my own original new material added) is the new book I create protected by copyright?

When using PD magazines, would you keep the magazine whole and just use the articles and make copies of the ads to sell, or would you consider cutting the magazine up and selling the ads and prints in their original form?

How do you get traffic to a site promoting a new product without paying for Google Adwords, which may not be affordable for your keywords?

Could you please provide more example ideas of what to do with Public Domain works?

There’s lots of public domain material available on the internet, but is it better to use offline material if possible - since there may be fewer other people using it?

How do you lay out your eBooks and what software do you use for your website?

"As I write this, I'm listening to the teleseminar. It is without a doubt one of the best I've ever listened to. Listening to the conversation between you and Mike is like all three of us sitting in the den or living room having a conversation. Well, OK, you guys are having the conversation and I'm the wide-eyed kid sitting, quietly, listening and absorbing every word. Right now you're speaking of content. And "content" is what this seminar is. Period. My sincere thanks to both of you for an enjoyable and extremely useful experience."

After finding numerous sources for public domain information, how do I package the information and offer it as a viable sales package.

I’ve got my domain name picked out and being on a limited budget right now, I’m confused about the host I should choose and what options I need to sell my product. How do I proceed?

Could you please describe the process of using Public Domain works for info products from identification all the way through to website submission? (NOTE: This answer took well over an hour because I did it step-by-step!)

"Thank you so much Tony for making available this very rich teleseminar! I loved listening and learning from it (at a reasonable time! I live in the Netherlands)"

"Keep up the great work - these seminars are fabulous!"

Can you imagine HOW MUCH EASIER your product creation would be if you knew the answers to ALL those questions? Well, you will never have an opportunity like the one I'm going to offer you right now. While I SHOULD lock these recordings away and use them to develop a high-end, Public Domain course, I'm not going to do it because I want YOU to succeed with Public Domain content.

"Tony, I am blown away!! Please, please, please do more teleseminars."

Listen, in the second teleseminar, I shared STEP-BY-STEP (literally) the entire process I use for taking Public Domain content and creating successful information products from it. I really broke it down for you:

  • I started with how to do your market research
  • I shared the best places to find content (including a few I've never revealed before)
  • I gave up my tricks for preparing the product itself
  • I went into detail about the website creation
  • I talked about domain name and hosting solutions
  • I revealed some of most effective traffic tips
  • And I shared a LOT more

"Thanks for an absolutely fantastic session this evening. This was the best teleseminar I have attended in a very long time."

Now I'll be honest with you, I really struggled with the price for this package because of all the content I shared. I honestly gave out MORE information and content than what's included in some of my own BEST-SELLING products. Now THAT'S embarrassing!

So here's what I decided to do...

Because this is a full-blown Public Domain How-to Course, the content is certainly valued at $297 (you've read the testimonials above, right?). But I've decided to temporarily discount the entire package by a whopping $200 and charge the bargain price of just $97. Now I've paid (and you have too) that much and MORE for a LOT less content than what I'm offering in these recordings and transcripts, so I feel very confident that you'll be getting your money's worth and much more!

That's JUST $97 to Claim Your Own Copy!


Let Me Make this Deal EVEN Sweeter:

Bonus #1

Public Domain Product Creation Outline

You'll receive the EXACT document I prepared to teach the Step-by-Step Product Creation for the Teleseminars! Simply follow the steps to get your OWN Public Domain-based information product online and selling!

Value: $27

Bonus #2

Public Domain Copyright Research Step-by-Step

This document easily walks you through the process of verifying the copyright status of a book, magazine, newspaper or other written work. This Guide is worth it's weight in GOLD!

Value: $27

Bonus #3

Mark Hendricks LIVE!

One of the world's top internet business and marketing experts
held a 2-day workshop and answered whatever questions
the audience had...NOTHING was held back!

Listen in as Mark answers ALL of these questions in great detail:

  • How to start a paid membership site at low cost, but with as many bells and whistles as possible

  • Which membership software is best...and the advantages, costs, use of each

  • What software to use for doing testing for Pay Per Click ads

  • When testing a Pay Per Click ad, how long or how much to spend before changing the ad to test a different version of the ad

  • Terrific tips on split testing, and why you should be doing it correctly

  • The fastest way to make money online on a limited budget

  • How to build a list quickly

  • What are the best SEO strategies

  • What to do if you are just starting out to establish yourself with a solid product based business, and to stand out from the crowd

  • Which tools, software and programs are the ones needed to start your business on the right track

  • How long should the prelaunch period be before the actual launch

  • How do you ensure consistent cashflow when projects are delayed

  • How do you protect your legal rights to your product

  • What sequence should you use for your follow up emails for non-buyers, buyers, and the general public

  • As a new marketer what is the best way to set up JV deals, as in percentages, contact emails, and more

  • What is the easiest and best way to monitor and get affiliates and JV partners paid

  • A specific blueprint you would recommend to develop an online business

  • The best way to develop a strong customer base

  • Which is better, having several affiliate websites, or 1 or 2 affiliate sites promoting similar products

  • How to set up a payment page

  • What are some of the changes coming up in internet marketing

  • Can you set up to make a moderate amount of money, or is it a lot or nothing

  • How to research and confirm the demand for an 'IM Newbie' product line that would include an ebook, videos, membership site, etc.

  • How to REALLY find a niche, get traffic, build a list, make money, and get JV partners

  • A good system or software that helps you keep track and organize your business

  • Special things to know besides translation and handling payment if you want to market to the burgeoning Chinese market via the internet

  • The next wave of long term marketing on the internet

  • How to decide what type of business would be best for you

  • The best ways to make a success of a business on a limited budget

  • How long does it usually take to achieve some type of return for your time and money

  • What is the most comprehensive suite of integrated usable tools to support any specific internet marketing niche whether it be direct sales, affiliate marketing, blogging, etc

  • How to write great sales copy even if you're not a great sales copywriter

  • How to set up redirect page so people don't see your affiliate links

  • How to set up affiliate links with Click Bank

  • And much, much more!

Over 14 incredible hours of a no-holds-bar Q & A with
Mark Hendricks one of the TOP marketing experts!

Value: $97

BTW...these audios also come with resell rights! How cool is that?

YES, I Want The Ultimate
Public Domain Q&A Teleseminar

I understand I'll be instantly downloading:

  • MP3s of Both Public Domain Q&A Teleseminars
  • PDF Transcriptions of Both Public Domain Q&A Teleseminars
  • Public Domain Product Creation Outline
  • Public Domain Copyright Research Step-by-Step
  • 8 MP3s (14 hours) of Mark Hendricks LIVE!

All just $297 $197

$97 Dollars!

(I reserve the right to end this introductory offer
at anytime without warning.)



Tony Laidig
The Public Domain Expert


PS - You're not going to find a more complete teleseminar series to help you explode your business with Public Domain content! Grab your copy of The Ultimate Public Domain Q&A Teleseminar TODAY!


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